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Not many people know about Colon Hydrotherapy in Malaysia and some may not be comfortable with the idea of detoxing from the bottoms up.

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Posted by nanazul / Uncategorized / 0 Comments
We understand that an image of having a tube (a really tiny one to be exact!) isn’t the most comfortable thought. So we get it when there are lot of questions about Colon Hydrotherapy. And the most famous ones are, is it safe? Does it have any side effects? The answer is, yes it is safe, and no it doesn’t have any side effects. But if you’re still not convinced, do read on! In 2008, Danbury Hospital became the first hospital in Connecticut and in the U.S to offer colon hydrotherapy. In fact, colon hydrotherapy is used as an alternative prep for colonoscopy that doesn’t involved consuming laxatives. The hospital’s chief of the Section of Gastroenterology says that rather than using laxatives that result painful diarrhea or fasting, colon hydrotherapy is a more convenient option as it only involves using using warm filtered water to cleanse the colon. 3 years later, in 2011, the second hospital in the U.S, called Barton Memorial Hospital followed the same footsteps by using colon hydrotherapy as a preparation for colonscopy. According to an article by bodyecology.com, “2004 research published in the Herbei Medical Journal found Colon Hydrotherapy prep for a colonoscopy successful in 98 percent of cases”. Another medical doctor and certified gastroenterologist, Dr Robert Charm, MD, clinical professor of medicine at the University of California said, “With patients for whom I perform colonoscopies, about one third of them (…) still show residual stools sitting in these gut mucosa pockets. Some have held onto the stool pockets for decades. A good cleanout by the use of colon hydrotherapy is an excellent treatment. I recommend that people undertake colon hydrotherapy for themselves to clean out the body pipes.” A healthy body, starts from a healthy colon. So you decide.   Source: https://bodyecology.com/articles/colon_therapy_essential_cleansing_therapy.php https://www.foodmatters.com/article/colon-hydrotherapy-the-therapy-that-even-doctors-are-recommending http://www.fluidwatertherapy.com/gastroenterologist-prescribed-colon-hydrotherapy/
Posted by nanazul / Uncategorized / 0 Comments
Have you ever wondered how colon hydrotherapy ever came around? There’re a few stories but the most famous one is this. Long ago, Pliny (77 CE), the Roman author saw a bird. An Ibis to be exact. He saw this long-billed Egyptian bird drawing water into its beak, before inserting into its rectum and perform enema on itself. This bird is also considered sacred as one of the Egyptian gods, was depicted with the head of this bird, also known as Thoth. So, it was said that this is the origin of colon hydrotherapy. Now, no one really knows if this was true or not, but what we really know for sure is that colon hydrotherapy is not something new. It has existed way before the modern times. As a matter of fact, it existed more than three thousand years ago. The ancient Egypt has documented the benefits of colon hydrotherapy as early as 1500 B.C. Though in the beginning, colon cleansing was done in a river by using a hollow reed to encourage water flow in the rectum. Not only that, around the same time, the ancient Greeks, the traditional Chinese and Indian people were also recorded practicing inner cleansing. This practice stayed around for centuries, until during the 20th century, the modern Colon Hydrotherapy equipment was properly introduced. In the late 20’s hospitals started to offer this service, and its is sometimes done before a surgery. Now in the modern day, this treatment has taken many forms. With technology colon hydrotherapy equipment is more hygienic now and of course, very safe. While the goal and objective remains the same, the modern equipment (and a little bit of TLC!) gives more comfortability to each person who goes through the procedure. Today, in Malaysia, colon hydrotherapy service can be found in hospitals, health center and wellness center. Therapists are qualified and use clean filtered water to clean the colon easily. A study was done in 1917 by Dr. John Harvery Kellog, who has treated more than 40, 000 cases of gastrointestinal. According to him, he only used surgery for 20 cases. The remaining cases were solved by colon cleansing, balanced diet and exercise   Book your appointment with Shians Wellness Center!
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