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Not many people know about Colon Hydrotherapy in Malaysia and some may not be comfortable with the idea of detoxing from the bottoms up.

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Many people enjoy having a drink. Some drink alcohol regularly, while some may consume it occasionally.  Some like to have it with food. While some treat drinks as desserts. In some countries like Australia, Germany, Holland and Spain, alcohol is considered as a social drug making many feel incomplete to spend the weekend without it. What else can we say about it? It taste good and it makes you look stylish (ok not all, but some drinks may make you look stylish)  However, like real drugs, alcohol also comes with a risk. A huge risk, if not done responsibly. Large amounts of alcohol consumption regularly, can do a lot of damage to the body, such as; Interrupted sleep - While most of us think that alcohol is a sleep aid, we’re very wrong. Alcohol actually does the opposite. Yes, it is not deniable that alcohol get you to doze off faster, but alcohol makes you have less deep sleep. This results in exhaustion during the day. Liver damage - High consumption and long term use of alcohol can damage the liver and prevent it from eliminating harmful substances from your body. Fatigue - Many people experience low blood pressure after a night out. This may cause anemia which usually leaves you feeling tired and exhausted. Infertility - Alcohol consumption over a period of time can cause irregular hormones which may lead to infertility. Makes you pee more - Have you ever noticed that you tend to urinate more when you drink. This is because alcohol acts on the kidneys, making you pee more than you take. It reduces the production of hormone called vasopressin, which tells your kidneys to reabsorb water rather than flush it out through the bladder. Pale and flaky skin - Alcohol dehydrates your body including your skin, which happens to be the largest organ of your body. Drinking too much may also deprive the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients. In conjunction of the Alcohol Awareness week next year, we at Shian’s Wellness Center, would like to encourage our customers to drink responsibly. Being a responsible drinker isn’t just about not picking a fight or drink driving. It is also about taking responsible of your health and body. This includes knowing when to stop, and how much alcohol your body can take. However many of the alcohol effects are actually reversible. If you feel like you’ve been drinking too much, just try to reduce your intake and remove the toxins in your body.  Here are some tips that might help you: Drink lots of water Get a lot of sleep and rest Take vitamin C Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables Have a lot of soups Do a few sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy For more info about Colon Hydrotherapy, you may contact us at info@shianswellnesscenter.com or call us at 0178601313.
Posted by nanazul / Blog / 0 Comments
  So Deepavali is over, and one must indulge in those curry and briyani, and oh those delicious tender mutton! For those who do not celebrate Deepavali, it was a long weekend (for those who took Monday off) for us in Malaysia. Many used this opportunity to get a short vacation or some traveled back to their hometown. Well, our point here is, last weekend has been a food fiesta kind- of weekend for most of us (guilty!). But hey everyone deserves to indulge once in awhile. Remember that you can eat anything you want as long as you eat them in moderation (and as long as you know how to detox). Holiday’s over people (at least for now. Wait till end of the year comes)! Now let’s get back on track. For many people, overeating leaves them feeling sluggish, sleepy and sometimes even tired. Here’s what you can do to detoxify your post-festive body: 1.Water Whatever you do, wherever you go, always have water with you. Drink plenty of it. Water is the most natural and best ingredient to detoxify your body. When you get bored with water (we totally understand), squeeze a little bit of lemon juice in it for taste. Or you can even swap it with green tea. But make sure you drink your green tea during the day, as some people experience insomnia after drinking green tea in the evening. 2. Drink fresh lemongrass & peppermint tea So, you can either get the ready-made tea bags at the supermarket and combine both together, or you can make your own tea. It’s really simple. Just boil 2 stalks lemongrass & some mint leaves. And drink it warm! Both lemongrass & peppermint tea have properties to soothes the digestive system. 3. Go green Consume a lot of green leafy vegetables. You can either have them in your food, or you make green smoothies (mix spinach, celery & baby romaine lettuce for a delicious green smoothie! 4. Consume natural enzymes Fruits like pineapples and papayas contain natural enzymes that support the digestive system by breaking down and absorbing nutrients from the foods we eat. 5. Go for Colon Hydrotherapy session Colon hydrotherapy is one of the best and safest ways to detox. It can help with the natural digestive process and improve the colon function. The 45 minutes session includes a small tube inserted gently into the rectum. A fluid is then released to flush down mucus, bacteria and toxins. But don’t worry, this process is done in the most gentle and comfortable way by a certified nurse. Book a session of Colon Hydrotherapy at Shians Wellness Center now!  
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