Many of us regularly exfoliate our face but not many treat our bodies with the same love and care. Just like the skin on our face, the ones on our bodies need to be renewed and refreshed too.

We take our coffee in the morning. And salt is an essential ingredient in our food. And guess what? A salt scrub is one of the most popular treatment at the spa. But now, there’s something even better! Coffee Salt Scrub! The main purpose of this is to exfoliate the skin, removing the outer layer of dead skin cells and making your skin feels soft and smooth. Here are more reasons why you should do coffee salt scrub treatment regularly:

Your body is made of salt too

Our bodies… well made of mostly water, but not the same water you get from the tap. It’s full of salts & minerals. Remember how salty you get when you sweat or cry? A salt glow treatment works with your chemistry. Salt is a good ingredient because it aligns with the pH balance of your body

It’s a safe ingredient for you and the environment

Since salt is an all-natural ingredient, and also part of your body, the risk of an allergy reaction is very low. And the same goes to coffee (unless you’re already allergic to coffee). Plus, unlike microbeads which was banned in the US in 2015, coffee salt scrub doesn’t harm the earth. (Microbeads were harming it’s users and the sea)

Stimulates blood flow & helps reduce signs of stretch marks

So regularly exfoliating has been scientifically proven to improve blood flow. But guess what? Combination of coffee and salt just made it better. The caffeine in coffee may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you a much toner skin.

Want more benefits? Add some essential oil !

With the amount of benefits and nutrition you’re already getting from a coffee salt scrub, what more can you ask for right? Nope, you can actually add up more ingredients to experience the best of it. One of the amazing ingredients to add up is essential oil due to it’s health benefits. Example; Peppermint:¬†relieves mental fatigue, nervous stress, cramps, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches

We guarantee you, your skin will look good!

If you don’t know about this yet, coffee salt scrub treatment actually helps when you shave. It removes crinkly dead skin, and help to draw out toxins and retains skin moisture.

Want to know more about Coffee Salt Scrub treatment? Click here

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