In year 2018, the fitness industry has made billion dollars worth of profit, and experts are expecting more of it in 2019 due to the increasing awareness well-being. Gyms are always full (even during lunch time) Zumba classes are in demand, and even Muay Thai classes are making their way up. While all these are taking in trend, people often forget one thing. Recovery. The more active you are, the more recovery time you will need so that your muscles, joints & limbs can do more.

One of the important things to do for recover is body massage. Many of us ignore this and only go for massages when they have a sprain or a muscle pull or sometimes when they’re stressed. But actually, a weekly body massage does more than that. Have a look here!

1. Soothe and relax the body

With the right amount of pressure, a massage can definitely soothe your achy muscles

2. Reduce joint pain

Joint pain is a common issue that is experienced by everyone from pregnant women to fibromyalgia sufferers. Receiving a regular massage will relieve this pain.

3.Boost immune system

A research group at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center discovered that a single 45-minute massage alters the immune system responds. Therefore, a weekly massage is a great way to strengthen your immune system.

4. Helps with digestive issues

At a certain point of life, everyone has a digestive issue. Regardless of whether you have been constipated for three days or have a chronic digestive issue, a massage is a good way to get your system working more properly.

5. Promote flexibility

Not everyone is naturally flexible, or as flexible as they want to be, and this may cause stiffness in the body. Regular massages can solve this issue, making you feel more comfortable!


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