What is Oxygen Bar Therapy?

So, during this therapy, you will breathe through an oxygen tube through your nose, ideally scented with essential oil, or if you prefer not to, you may just have the oxygen alone. 1 session last about 15 minutes, or you may request for a longer session. The oxygen bar therapy first gained its popularity in Japan, Mexico, and later the whole of United States

Now you must be thinking, we’re already breathing oxygen, why do we need an Oxygen Bar Therapy for?

With the condition of the natural air around us, this therapy can give us a lot of health benefits. Most oxygen bars use machines that filter out nitrogen and other atmospheric gases to produce oxygen that is about 95% pure (the air we breathe is approximately 21% oxygen). 

What are the benefits?

Weight loss

Can’t believe it? Well you better do. You see, when you have enough clean oxygen in your brain, it increases better blood circulation and speeds up your metabolic rate which helps to burn more calories. Makes more sense now?

Mental Clarity

Now we discussed about blood circulation earlier. A poor blood circulation doesn’t only slows down the metabolic rate, but it also slows the brain down. An oxygen therapy boost the blood flow. When you have a good blood flow, you can get better concentration and memory retention is to be achieved.

Combat Depression

Many researches have shown that there is a connection between the oxygen supply to the brain and how well the energy-producing fibers of the cells perform. When there is not enough oxygen, it can interrupt neuron function and the electrical activity of the brain. According to some medical experts, exposing psychiatric patients to a 40% concentration of oxygen is a safe and effective way to improve psychiatric function.

Hangover cure

Now, this is our favourite. How many times have you woken up with bad hangover and not knowing what else to do to get rid of that horrible feeling other than to crawl back to bed? Yes, going back to bed would be tempting and lovely, but wouldn’t you rather have an effective 15 minutes session of Oxygen Therapy Bar and feel so much better afterwards?

Increase concentration, alertness and memory

Now, we mentioned earlier that sufficient oxygen in the body gives better blood circulation right? Well in turns out that when you have a good blood circulation happening in your body, your concentration, alertness, awareness and memory also increased!

Promotes self healing and acts as an anti-aging

Guess what? Oxygen is the anti aging secret. Our air used to contain a far higher concentration of oxygen than it does today. Pollution has reduced that amount. Your body literally cries out for oxygen.

Better sleep

Our oxygen bar therapy can serve to relax your body and mind and make them more responsive to sleeping. This intensely relaxed state is not only brings good to your sleep, but it also will have a positive effect on enabling you stay asleep and have a peaceful night. Our oxygen bar is designed for the purpose of having a deep relaxation in mind.

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