Whether you’re fasting for religious reasons, or wellness reasons, scientific research has shown that this overlook practice gives a lot good benefits for your health. Not only that it is totally natural, it also doesn’t give bad side effects and inexpensive. And not many people know that fasting gives a lot of long term impact on the health of your gut. Now let’s dive in and explore!

Aids weight loss and improves metabolic rate

Many researches have proven that fasting can assist weight loss due to less calorie consumption. But it is actually more than that. Fasting gives your body a significant break from eating (and working). It restarts your system, optimize your hormone function, and along that way, it aids weight loss and increase your metabolism. How does it work, you might ask? You see, by fasting you’re already increasing the levels of human growth hormone (HGH), which is the hormone that increases muscle mass and ramps up your metabolism. An addition to that, in another medical experiment, results have shown that fasting increased HGH levels in women by 1,300% (2,000% in men)! How cool is that?

Better mood

Fasting has been associate with spirituality and religion for hundreds of years. The muslims and the monks of Tibet have been implementing fasting in their lifestyle for the longest time. And now, according to medical research, fasting can get you in a better mood and brain function. And now you must be thinking, if that’s the case, why do I get angry when I’m hungry? You see, fasting doesn’t work over night. This practice works over time with dedication & determination. And the result is long term. According to research, intermittent fasting increases the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a type of protein that fertilizes brain cells, aids neuron growth, and builds and maintains brain circuits. The benefits? Happier mood, happier you.

A longer life

Now you must be thinking that we’re crazy right? How can having less food gets you to live longer? Well, do you know that the monks at the Himalayans (who live more than hundred years old) implement fasting in their lifestyle? As a matter of fact Calorie counting/restriction, has always been associated with a longer lifespan for animals (this is what they do for protected wildlife animals). And yes, it works the same for us, human beings. Fasting benefits everything in our body, including blood sugar balance, metabolic rate, heart health and also your cholesterol levels. What happens during fasting is, it encourages a sort of mini “stress” that results cells to increase their defenses, which is the function that increases your metabolic rate. During fasting, our cells goes through a process of waste removal where our body get rids of molecules that are damaged or not functioning properly. This process of detoxification can keep you healthier, live longer.

Optimizing your gut health 

Here’s the fun part; fasting gives your gut a holiday (after working so hard!) from their digestion tasks, so they can focus on cleansing itself and keeping their populations intact. Fasting can also increase the good bacteria in your gut which is important for your immune system. In another medical research, it has been proven that regular fasting activates a gene that strengthens the gut barrier, which protects us from harmful toxins, and other dangerous substances that can affect your health. Ok, another fun part. If you’re planning to go for a colon hydrotherapy, fasting time is the best time, as your body is going on a major detox. Colon hydrotherapy would be at its most effective state!

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