Soothe Your Body, Mind and Soul
Signature Massage

Soothe your body, mind and soul with our signature massage, with gentle and firm strokes applied targeting deep tissues from head to toe.

Personalize your experience with one of 3 aromatherapy oils to reflect your purpose. (Lavender to relax, Eucalyptus to energize, Tea Tree to detox)

Aromatherapy Oils


Calming, soothing and relaxing, lavender is one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. Escape from everyday stresses and treat yourself to our signature massage with the luxurious scent of pure lavender essential oil to deeply soothe your senses and de-stress your body.


Refreshing and energizing, the many benefits of essential oil from the evergreen Australian eucalyptus tree have been known for thousands of years. Enjoy a blissful, deep-tissue massage with our pure eucalyptus oil to lift your mood, and feel your aches and pains simply melt away.

Tea Tree

Detoxifying, healing and naturally antiseptic, tea tree oil is very effective in helping keep your skin and hair healthy. Pamper yourself with our relaxing deep-tissue massage with tea tree oil to awaken your body and mind, and bring a natural, radiant glow to your skin.

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Why Massages Keep You Healthy

Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the demands of work and family and the stresses of everyday life can take its toll on your health – not just physically, but mentally. Studies have shown that massage therapy can play an important role in ensuring an optimum overall level of health. A deep-tissue massage can be extremely effective in reducing stress and inducing a deep state of relaxation and well-being. Our signature massages target all your aches and pains and elevate your spirits, creating a wonderful sense of balance and calm that stays with you for the rest of the day.

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