Relaxing and Hydrating
Scalp Therapy

This therapy helps relieve stress from the head as it stimulates the scalp with essential oils of your choice. It helps to improve circulation, hydrates the scalp and is recommended for tension relief, headaches, and sore necks.

I have dry scalp, is it OK?

Scalp therapy combines the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils and gentle, stimulating massage to improve the circulation in your scalp. Dry scalps can benefit from scalp therapy, which stimulates the production of natural sebum and naturally nourishes and hydrates your scalp and hair. Choose your favorite essential oil from our selection of therapeutic-grade oils to complement this wonderfully relaxing session, as our trained therapist combines the therapy with a gentle scalp massage.

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Scalp massage therapy increases cell regeneration, helping to maintain a healthier scalp and shiny, healthy hair. Studies have shown that scalp massage therapy can also help to reduce stress hormone levels, blood pressure and heart rates. The gentle massage also helps to relieve tension headaches and sore necks, leaving you blissfully relaxed and refreshed.

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