Purifying and Moisturizing
Salt Glow

Feeling a bit dull? Treat yourself to our Salt Glow Therapy to exfoliate dry, dead skin and melt away any tension, using natural milk salts and fragrant coconut oil to leave your entire body energized, and your skin silky smooth and soft to the touch.

Pamper yourself today

Relax and rejuvenate with our Salt Glow Therapy, using the gentle exfoliating properties of natural milk salts to scrub away dull layers and reveal fresh, clean skin underneath. Sweet coconut oil helps to deeply moisturize, and provides natural nourishment to your body. During your Salt Glow session, our therapist will pamper and purify your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing from head to toe!

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Benefits of Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs are a gentle, natural way of deeply removing dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin without the use of harsh cleansers. These scrubs will help to reveal a fresh new layer of skin underneath, and can also help speed up your skin’s own natural regeneration process. A deep exfoliating scrub can also help unclog your pores and minimize skin problems such as acne. Your soft, freshly-exfoliated skin will also be able to absorb skincare products better, leaving you with a radiant and youthful glow.

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