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Oxygen Bar

Here at Shians Wellness, we combine oxygen therapy and aromatherapy to give you the best experience. We use therapeutic grade essential oils to give you a better experience when breathing in the oxygen.

We are the first oxygen bar in Malaysia that offers oxygen bar therapy infused with aromatherapy and that is what makes us unique and quality-driven. It only takes 10 minutes of your time and let us help you relax with our oxygen therapy.

Don’t be left out of the experience, send us a mail or give us a call, we will be happy to be of help to you.

Benefits of Oxygen Bar Therapy

Oxygen therapy can help with headaches, fatigue, hangovers, jet lag, brain fog and so much more. Our therapy lets you breathe in 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in normal air. The purified air, with all other atmospheric gases filtered out, delivers 95% pure oxygen to your body, nourishing your red blood cells which help to transport nutrients throughout your body.

Your oxygen therapy session leaves you feeling mentally alert, refreshed and energized. Oxygen therapy may also speed up your metabolism, improving your health and helping with weight loss. Just the same as when you exercise, the boost of oxygen can also help to lift your mood, helping to reduce stress and relieve anxiety and depression.

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Our 6 Aroma Scents


Fresh oxygen infused with purifying Australian eucalyptus works wonders for your energy levels, giving your senses a nice pick-me-up at any time.


When you need a little extra serenity and peace of mind, rosemary and mint infused into your pure oxygen is deeply relaxing and reinvigorating.


Boost your mood and spirits with the exhilarating scent of peppermint and wintergreen-infused pure oxygen that leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed.


Breathe in the calming, relaxing scents of lavender and tangerine infused into clean, pure oxygen to banish everyday stress and achieve true inner clarity and tranquillity.


Restorative and nurturing, the unique scent of juniper berries in pure oxygen helps to refresh and restore your mind when you need a little extra calm and relaxation.


The stimulating and revitalizing aroma of bayberry-infused pure oxygen refreshes and restores, boosting your mood and helping you rediscover your inner balance.

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