Looks like the holiday season is over and everyone is back to work. While vacations and holidays are all fun, the food and alcohol might leave you feeling bloated for days! But hey, there’s a cure for everything right? Follow these tips below and you will definitely feel so much better!

  1. Eat slowly

Or alternatively take small portions of food. You see chewing your food slowly reduces the amount of air you swallow

2. Avoid carbonated drinks or chewing gum

These 2 items contributes to a lot of air when consumed

3. Slow down on the beans

High-fiber food like beans and lentils and also some grains produce a lot of gas. So its better to avoid these foods at least temporarily.

4. Try a Low-FODMAP Diet

To get on a Low-FODMAP diet, you can start with eating these:











5. Reduce alcohol intake

So, seriously, this is not the best time to consume alcohol. Especially the sugary ones like cocktails! The bacteria in your large intestine digest them and produce gas. This may lead to a worst episode of indigestion!

6. Go for a colon hydrotherapy session

Colon hydrotherapy not only cleanse your body system, but it also detoxify your colon and gets rid of the win and gas. If you have never done this before go for a trial session once a week, and once you see the results (which you will!) go for 3 – 4 sessions monthly. We’re dead serious, and you will definitely be thankful for this!

Book for your colon hydrotherapy session now!

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