This week, we received an email from a new customer of ours who has just came in for her first ever Colon Hydrotherapy session. This is what she wrote:

Dear Shians Wellness team,

I’m emailing you this to let you know how was my first ever experience with Colon Hydrotherapy.

I first heard about this service a couple of years ago from The Oprah Winfrey Show. I knew about it, but not enough to know that it was already available in Malaysia. And I got to know Shians Wellness Center from a friend who also went there for the same treatment.

To be honest the thought of having something up my anus wasn’t pleasant at all, but my friend swore that it had given her so much health benefits such as better digestion, energy and definitely better skin. You see, I’m a yogi, and a vegetarian, and I don’t really have any digestive issue, so I didn’t think I would need this service. But after some persuasion by this friend, I decided to give it a try.

At the center, I was greeted by a super friendly by one of their staffs named Ms Emelyn, who later assisted me throughout the whole process. She was very friendly and pleasant. I had to fill up a medical form, and she explained to me in detail how the processed was going to be, took my blood pressure and my weight. She also assured me that the procedure that I was going to go through isn’t harmful at all, and has no side effects (phew!)

So after that I was told to go to a medium sized room, where the colon hydrotherapy machine is. A robe was given to me, and I was told lie down on the machine, with my legs rested by the sides. Let’s be honest, I was nervous. But their team made me felt so comfortable that for awhile, I forgot why was I there. Ms Emelyn showed me a small white tube where she then connected it to the machine, and the other end of the tube goes inside my rectum (it was assisted, but you may also have the option of putting it in by yourself).

The whole procedure took 45 minutes, where the first 30 minutes, consist of “cleaning” my colon with purified water, and after that, the water was replaced with organic coffee mixture. In the beginning, I thought it was going to be painful. But I was wrong. It all went very smoothly. And to be honest, throughout the whole time I was just scrolling through my social media page, and didn’t even realized that time was up!

Of course I could feel something was moving in my colon, but the most amazing part is, I did not feel uncomfortable at all. And I forgot to tell you about the best part; the oxygen bar therapy. I think that made me feel even more relaxed as it was already infused with essential oil. Cool right?

After the session was over, I was given some time to shower and clean up. And to be honest, I did feel lighter, and my stomach was flatter. However, when I checked my weight again, my weight was the same. After all that “release”, how could I not lose any weight right? So the lady told me that if that happens, that means my colon is dehydrated, and it has absorbed some of the water during the cleanse.

To close my session, I was also served with complimentary probiotics capsule and some lemon water mixed with chia seeds (which was so refreshing!)

Ok, here’s the best part.

Remember when I said I did not see any changes in my weight earlier? Ok, so I weight myself again the next day. And guess what? I lose 1 kg. See I knew it all along when I feel lighter!

Shians Wellness team, keep up the good work! I will definitely come for more. Thank you for your wonderful service!

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