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In case you’re not familiar with what Coffee Enema is, it is actually a procedure where you insert a dosage of coffee shot in the rectum with the purpose of cleansing the gut and colon. Many medical research has been done and proven that this safe procedure gives a lot of benefits to the body. Not only that, it may also improves the quality of your life. Let’s dive in and see how it can benefit you as woman: Stronger pelvic floor muscles For a lot of moms, having a weaker pelvic floor muscles after childbirth is common. Things like sneezing, coughing and laughing may easily cause a leaking. During a Coffee Enema procedure, you’re required to hold the liquid in your colon for a short period of time (something similar to Kegel exercise). And everyone knows that one of the ways to increase the strength of pelvic floor is to regularly do Kegel exercise! Clearer & healthier Skin One of the ways the body removes toxins and waste from the body is through the skin. If your liver and colon are not working well, you may experience skin issues like acne, eczema or even psoriasis. When you do regular Coffee Enema, it helps to restore elimination through the liver and colon, giving you healthier skin. Hydrates the body Did you know that the colon is so good at absorbing water? This explains why constipation always happens when you don’t drink enough water. The more hydrated your body is, the better your digestive system gets. Coffee enema process involves a lot of water, and sometimes your body won’t eliminate as much liquid as you put in. Don’t worry, this just means your colon has just absorbed the water from the enema because your body needs it. However, this does not mean that you should stop drinking a lot of water. Drinking the right amount of water is still very important for your body and wellbeing. Reduces period cramps & fatigue Pain is usually triggered by the circulationg toxins in your body. When these toxins are present, they can irritate your nervous system, contribute to heightened inflammation production and can lead to health challenges such as depression and anxiety among other pain related conditions including period cramps. Coffee enema helps to eliminate toxins and automatically reduce pains in the body. Coffee enema can also be used to treat and reduce the symptoms of headaches, hangovers or any other pains in the body. Contact us and purchase our Coffee Enema pack now!
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Foot reflexology is not an ordinary foot massage. In fact this unique and beneficial type of massage was originated in China for as long as 2330 B.C. That's a long time, huh? However, based on evidence, this massage technique was also found in Egypt and India along the same time. However, the reflexology massage we know today was developed from a practice called "Zone Therapy". Foot reflexology works by connecting the bottom of your foot with the central nervous system. What it means here is there is a relationship between the foot, nervous system, the skin and the internal organs. Basically, they're all connected. When a pressure is applied the feet (at the reflexology point), it sends a calming and healing message from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system, where the body will then adjust its tension level. This state of relaxation will bring the internal organs and the system a state of optimum functioning. Benefits of Foot Reflexology to Your Body Boost Energy Levels When the internal organs in the body are functioning well, your body's metabolic rate automatically increases. A high metabolic rate keeps you from feeling exhausted and sluggish, and keep your energy up high! Improve Blood Circulation One of the main reason why many people go for a foot reflexology session is to improve their blood circulation. Most of us sit on our chair at the office all day, which actually decreases the blood circulation flow. When this habit is practiced for a very long time, blood circulation in the body can be affected. A better blood circulation means more oxygen reaches the internal organs, optimizing its function. Pain Management Foot reflexology has also been known as a non-invasive and natural pain killer. Many cancer patients opt for foot reflexology to reduce the pain of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. According to, "When reflexology is applied to the feet, more endorphins are produced to block pain signals to the brain. Endorphins are painkillers that are stronger than morphine." Improves Gut Health  If you're having indigestion issue, foot reflexology is a great way to try to solve this issue. However, you will need a consistency to do this regularly based on your doctor's advice. Foot reflexology brings balance to your gut when you face constipation problem. By putting pressure on the reflexology point, it stimulates intestine, colon and other corresponding reflexes that can get your gut to its normal state. Improves Memory  Remember earlier we discussed about how foot reflexology can gives you better blood circulation as it brings more oxygen to your brain? Well, when the brain gets enough oxygen, it gets healthy, thus the stronger memory! Book for a session with us NOW!
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