Did you know that successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Robin Sharma, Ellen DeGenerous and many more, make it a habit to spend their time an hour a week for a good massage? And believe it or not, this great habit is one of the reasons why they’re always on the top of their game! And here are the reasons why they’re seriously committed to it

Massages can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress

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Many of us goes through some stress every day. Now you might think that they only affect you mentally, but it does give your physical body very bad side effects. Some side effects may include breakouts, headaches, itchiness on the skin, weight gain and so on. Successful people know this very well, and they don’t want stress to affect their performance and business.

Massages can enhance your immune system

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You see, successful people know that in order to keep up with their A-game, they need to be mentally and physically fit. Having monthly flu bug is just going to ruin a business presentation. Studies have shown that regular massages give your immune system a boost! Massages eliminate feelings of stress, and it may increase the body’s level of serotonin and dopamine, and in return, it promotes a healthy immune system.

It’s effective to reduce back pains

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Most highly performers spend their days sitting at their desks, hunched over as they type away at their computers. Some may even spend to much time standing for hours without resting. Now these routine may result chronic back pain, and regular massage is a great way the soreness and tight muscles, especially in the lower back area

Massage can help those struggling with mental issues

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Let’s face it. Work-related stress can affect us mentally as much as it does physically. Bosses, datelines and late night work all can all lead to mental illness and depression. Mental issues are extremely serious, and not to be taken lightly. While it is important to get professional help, getting regular massage may be able to work with it. And successful people know that nothing could get in their way of success!

Enhances mood

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One of the known benefits of massage is the overall improvement it can give to your mood. Now, successful entrepreneurs are usually the face of their company, and they’re sociallizing with many people most of the time. And they know that they cannot their mood swings get in their way of business. Plus, medical research has proven that a massage makes you feel relaxed and happy.

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