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1. Is it safe?

It is 100% safe. The pressure of the water flow is low and gentle so there are no risks of perforating the bowel. Also, we use a very small and blunt rectal tube to be inserted a short distance into the rectum.

2. Does it hurt?

No, colonics should never be painful. If you are new to colon hydrotherapy, you may feel a slight ‘strange’ sensation of needing to go to the toilet, but the colonic procedure itself does not cause any pain. Most people describe their experience as being refreshing and cleansing to the body. The treatment session can be a little challenging depending on the person’s health state or toxicity. For example, if there is built-up constipation or blockage then slight cramping can be experienced prior to the release. If pain is felt, our therapist is a button away for assistance.

3. Are colonics sanitary?

Absolutely. We only use sterilized disposable medical grade rectal tubes for our clients and our colonic rooms as well as the device itself are cleaned and sanitized after each session with proper disinfectants.

4. Can anyone receive a colonic treatment?

No, not everyone is suitable for the treatment. Colon Hydrotherapy and coffee enema should not be considered if they have any of the following, unless prescribed by a licensed Physician:
Abdominal surgery, rectal and colon surgery – Acute liver failure – Anemia – Aneurysm – Carcinoma of the colon – Cardiac condition – Cirrhosis – Chrons disease – Colitis – Diverticulitis – Fissures and fistulas – Hemorrhaging (active) – Hernia – Intestinal perforations – Lupus – Pregnancy (1st and 3rd trimester) – Renal insufficiencies

5. Will I leak or make a mess all over?

No, our colonic devices are designed so that everything you release will be into the well of the unit. We provide private showers in each treatment room for our clients.

6. Is there a special kind of water used for the treatment?

We use highly filtered water before being heated to the correct temperature.

7. How will I feel after my treatment?

Occasionally, some people may have more bowel motions over the next few hours which is perfectly normal, but there shouldn’t be any pain or discomfort. Most people feel more relaxed because they hold tension in their gut. Some people may feel light and energized, hungry, and some may feel a little nauseous, weak and tired. What does that mean? Generally, that person is more toxic and the gut wall is more compromised. However, this is all part of the detoxification process and how your body deals with it.

8. I eat really well and poop every day. Do I still need one?

It isn’t about “needing” one. Do you eat 3 meals a day and poop once a day? Do you breathe polluted air, air conditioned air, experience stress, eat sub-optimally, enjoy travelling, and drink anything other than filtered water? If your answer is yes, then youshould have one. Our lifestyles are highly constipating on the digestive tract.

9. Will I get “addicted” to colonics?

No, our colon hydrotherapy treatments and coffee enemas are not addictive nor they are habit forming. Some people worry that their colon will become dependent on them to relieve itself. However, our colonic treatment actually strengthens the colon and exercises the muscles of the colon to work more efficiently. So you do not have to worry about lazy bowels after a series of treatments.

10. How many sessions are recommended?

Each client is different based on the number of sessions and the amount of cleansing required. There will be a professional colonic hydrotherapist to consult and evaluate your situation during the first visit.

11. What’s the history of colonics?

It goes as far back as 1500 BC. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all inserted water into the rectum as a method of cleansing. Pliny from 77 AD identified the origin of the enema from the Ibis bird of Egypt which drew water into its beak and self administered the enema.

12. Why is it important to clean the colon?

All diseases begin in the gut. If there is too much fermentation in the colon, it means that there is too much stagnant waste sitting inside, and the unhealthy bacteria naturally present in the colon will multiply and disease will begin. Think of the colon as the sewage system of the body and it must be cleaned out regularly. The walls of the membrane in the colon are very thin and semi-permeable. The toxins sitting in your colon can move through the walls of the colon into the bloodstream. As the blood travels throughout the body, those toxins can be deposited in different areas of the body.

13. How do toxins accumulate in the body?

Toxins accumulate in the body as a result of stressful lifestyle and/or consuming too much acidic food, such as sugar, white flour caffeine and alcohol. When our bowels becomes acidic, it attempts to protect itself by secreting a substance or mucus that lines the walls of the colon. This substance or mucus makes it hard for the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients, which could lead to malnutrition. When the colon becomes toxic, the blood gets contaminated, which in turn, spreads the toxins to the heart, lungs, lymphatic system, skin, brain etc. In the end, the liver is left to deal with toxic blood, and after years of relentless toxicity, it will become sluggish until it will no longer function. At this point, the toxins will begin to collect in other parts of the body. Disease will manifest wherever they settle. Overall, cleansing allows you to remove accumulated mucoid plaque in order to rebuild your bowel and your liver and protect yourself from disease.

14. Can I get a colonic during my menstrual period?

Yes, you can do the treatment during your menstrual period. Just remember to bring a pad or tampon!

15. Can I come in for a treatment if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend treatments during pregnancy unless it is recommended and performed by a qualified medical practitioner. If you decide you would like to do the treatment whilst pregnant, be aware that treatments cannot be performed during the first trimester and the last trimester.

16. Does the treatment wash out all the good bacteria in the bowel?

No, good bacteria can only breed and grow in a balanced environment. Also, valuable nutrients can better be absorbed in a clean environment than in a putrefied one. Some good as well as bad bacteria will be released during a treatment. Due to our modern day lifestyle, diets, medications, and stress, many people have gut flora that is out of balance. After the treatment, you will be provided with a high strength probiotic which will help shift this balance to bring about many health improvements. Bowel bacteria is essential to health, it is our first line of defense so it’s essential to keep it in tip top condition.

17. Is there anything I should do to prepare myself before receiving the treatment?

Click here to see preparations and aftercare.

18. Can I go to work directly after a colon hydrotherapy session?

Yes, you can.

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