Consuming too much salt is definitely not healthy for your body. But, using salt on your skin, is definitely harmless, and gives you so much benefits! Let’s have a look below and see what it can do to your skin!

Acts as a Cleanser

Sea salt and rock salt actually have natural antiseptic properties. This means, the usage of sea salt can kill kill pathogens, detoxify the skin, and absorb dirt and grime. Who would have known right?


In general, your skin needs to be exfoliated once a week, due to pollution, eating habits or acne, or even something as simple as dirt. And salt is one of the best ingredients for exfoliation. Why? Because salt is an amazing, non-toxic exfoliator to soften the skin and removing dead skin cells.

Hydrates the skin

The magic of organic minerals in sea salt is that it improves the appearance of the skin, increase the strength of it’s protective layer and assisting the skin to hold moist and hydration. After using sea salt on your skin, you will notice your skin is less wrinkling and dry. This also happens when you go for a swim in the ocean

Stress reduction

Now, I doubt you saw this coming, right? But yes, using sea salt on the skin can reduce your stress level!
You see, sea salt is rich in magnesium, which is also known as the “relaxation mineral”. This particular mineral, helps activate the “parasympathetic (rest and digest) excitable system”. And yes, this encourages a sense of relaxation and deep sleep. Makes more sense now right?

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