If you’ve ever been to our center, you will know that after every session of Colon Hydrotherapy, you will be given a tablet of probiotics, to be consumed with lemon water mixed with some chia seeds (and its free!). Now the question is, why do we do this? Because getting the right amount of probiotics every day makes a lot of difference in your digestive system. Here are 5 reasons why:

1.Fighting the bad bacteria with the good

Yes! Probiotics do this for our body. It helps to fight the bad bacteria with the good ones in the gut to avoid bacterial infections that may occur due to bad diet, excessive sugar intake, too much of alcohol consumption and just poor eating habits in general

2. Boosting immunity

Probiotics helps our body to fight off infection by increasing our immunity level. You see, when you take antibiotics, it kills the both bad and good bacteria, leaving the digestive system to be more opened to infection. Now, probiotics does the complete opposite!

3. Better nutrition absorption

When you have a poor diet or eating habits, chances are, your intestinal wall needs some rebuilding. If this doesn’t happen, you can barely absorb any nutrition from your food. By consuming probiotics every day, it helps to repair the micro-cells that make up the villi of the intestinal wall.

4. Capsule form is the best

Now this is the exact one that we serve at our center. Some may say it is best to take probiotics in yogurt form as it is the most “natural” form. Nope it doesn’t really work that way. Most yogurts don’t contain live bacteria. This is because, any type of pasteurization kills any microorganisms before they hit the shelves.

So, if you can, try to go for probiotics in capsule form. They’re usually made enteric-coated, so that they can survive acidic environment until they reach their destination; in the intestinal gut area

5. Mind booster

Believe it or not? They’re mind boosters. According to a recent study, 85% of your serotonin receptor sites are actually in your gut, not in your brain. This means, the condition of your gut actually determines your mood and your state of mind.

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