So you wake up daily to hit the gym. And you never miss your evening run. And not to forget the weekly weight training. But are you doing the same for your mental muscle? Often we think that being healthy is all about being physically fit. But that is not the case at all. What happens to your mental health? Here are some simple mind workout to make strengthen your mind and boost your daily productivity.

Do Yoga

If you have done Yoga before, you might have noticed how good your mind feels after just one session (less noisy and more calm). According to Ashley Turner, a well-known yoga teacher and psychotherapist, “Yoga is a psychology—the whole practice helps us work with the nature of the mind, the nature of being a human, how emotions live in our bodies, how they affect our behavior and our minds.” Let’s say OHM!

Weekly Massage

Regular massages, particularly Aromatherapy Massage, believe it or not, is closely linked to contributing to a healthy mind. During an aromatherapy massage therapy, one or more types of aromatherapy oil is used to address specific needs, such as; oils that are relaxing, energizing, stress-reducing, balancing, etc. A good example of a famous essential oil used in an aromatherapy massage is Lavender.


Research has shown that, meditation not only reduces stress and improves the immune system, but it helps strengthen our mental health. When we take a moment and observe our thoughts, we become more aware of what is going on in our mind, and whether they will give us positive or negative impact. Daily meditation (even as short as 20 minutes) can help you be more aware of your limiting beliefs, and select new beliefs for yourself.

Take good care of your gut

Doesn’t sound right? Well, medical experts have confirmed that your gut does affect your mental health. The Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology says that, ” …consistent stress negatively affects the diversity of beneficial bacteria in your microbiome”. The message they’re conveying is, when the good bacteria in your body are damaged, it affects your gut lining negatively. This may result, exhaustion, nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory conditions, depression or anxiety.

Read daily

And no, this does not include scrolling up and down in your Facebook or Twitter. We’re talking about actual reading; books, kindle, e-books, magazines, etc. Reading is similar to eating right and exercising to maintain a good healthy body. Reading can increase the strength of your brain muscles. Not only that, by reading regularly, it can also assist you to wind down after a long, stressful day, and improve skills like memory and focus.

Ask us more information on healthy gut and regular massage sessions!

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