You’ve heard about it. Madonna has done it. Even Sylvester Stallone and Pamela Anderson swear by it. Yes, we’re talking about colon hydrotherapy.

For those who are not familiar with this process, colon hydrotherapy involves someone lying down comfortably on a custom built bed, while a small tube is inserted in his or her rectum. This tube allows filtered purified water to pass into the colon and remove toxins that may have been stuck on the walls of the colon. Now, this may sound gory, but it really isn’t. The process is very gentle and done by certified Colon Hydrotherapist. And guess what? It has no side effects!

If you’re still thinking whether or not to go for this therapy? These reasons may convince you to book for a session of colon hydrotherapy:

Improves digestive system


During colon hydrotherapy, the colon is cleansed and detoxified. This makes it easier for future digestion.

Increases your energy

Toxins in the body cause fatigue, exhaustion, sleepiness and tiredness. When toxins are removed, your body automatically fuels up giving you better sleep, better blood circulation and a boost in energy

Increases vitamin and nutrients absorption

When the colon is cleansed, it only allows water, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream.    

Reduce toxic waste and absorption

A clean colon is a healthy colon. Colon hydrotherapy increases the immunity of your colon by protecting it against toxic waste.

Weight loss

A body that is lacked of fiber may has an intestinal wall that has excess mucus stuck to it. Once the colon is detoxified using colon hydrotherapy, your body may lose some weight, and kick-start your metabolism.

Increases immune system

A healthy colon is a key to a healthy body. So think of Colon Hydrotherapy as a way to reset your body, so that you will be and feel healthier.

Increases mind clarity

Remember how sluggish and bloated you feel after that “Meat Madness” weekend? Digestive problem, not only gives you physical issues, but it may also interfere with your mood and mental focus.

Increases fertility

How is this even related, right? Well it turns out that the rate of elimination through the bowel does control the hormonal level, and significantly influence fertility.

Clear skin and eyes

Acne problems and eye issues are usually caused by poor diet. Colon hydrotherapy can help to remove sludge, which benefits the liver, skin and eyes.  

Less gas production

It is true that releasing gas from your body is healthy. But if there is too much gas, it can be embarrassing (whoops!) and it may interrupt your day-to-day routine.


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